All You Need to Know About Java 8 Streams API

java 8 api stream

Going through lots of changes and becoming more concurrent, Java 8 has developed a Streams API to ensure full support of multiple operations concerning data processing. Due to modern-day development tendencies when multicore CPUs are becoming more common and when you as the developer should have a chance to focus more on data and the operations that need the data, you should definitely learn more about the Streams API.

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Java-Connected Blogs Worth Following

The story of Java began in the 1990s when Sun Microsystems created a language able to solve any task from development of software for simple devices to large systems. Java is everywhere and we meet devices with Java software everyday – simply remember when you used Android app last time – by the way, Java is one of the most popular languages for app development.Java-Connected Blogs

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General Guideline for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition

Java 2 Platform Enterprise EditionThere are many books aimed to assist programmers with Java 2 Platform. J2EE ™ Tutorial is one of the best, as it proposes all-encompassing information about all major components of the platform. This book is written by professionals who are acquainted with the slightest details of the platform as they work with it for a long time already. The book is task-oriented and is full of examples, that is why it is the most appropriate for beginners and intermediate Java programmers. However, experienced developers will also find a lot of useful and interesting stuff there.

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