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XML Watch: WBXML and basic SyncML server requirements

In the second installment of his quest to make his data available wherever and whenever he wants by using SyncML, Edd Dumbill encounters Wireless Binary XML (WBXML) and examines the minimum functionality required for a SyncML server.

Develop Web services clients for mobile devices

This tutorial guides you through the necessary steps to build mobile Web services clients on J2ME MIDP devices. By following the steps in this tutorial, you will see how quick and easy it is to create a Web services client. The example built in this tutorial is a stock quote client application. Using the WebSphere Studio Device Developer V5.6 Web Services tooling, you can generate a client stub and a MIDlet that will take a stock symbol as input and retrieve the most current price (time delayed, of course). Finally, it guides you through the steps necessary to run the MIDlet on the Device Deve…

Session management with J2ME and PHP

This tutorial provides an introduction to session management between a J2ME MIDlet and a Web server running PHP.The course discusses how to create and establish connections using HTTP, and also has a short overview of PHP, including how PHP and HTML work together to create dynamic content.
J2ME 101, Part 2: Introduction to MIDP’s low-level user interface

This second part of a two-part tutorial series on J2ME shifts the focus from MIDP’s high-level user interface to the most important components of the low-level interface. You’ll learn the basics of creating and working with the Canvas and Graphics classes. As with Part 1, you will learn about each component and build a MIDlet to demonstrate its capabilities. The tutorial will conclude with a brief overview of the Game API, introduced with MIDP 2.0.

Kyocera Latest To Jump Onto Java Mobile Bandwagon

Virgin Mobile will begin selling a Java-enabled Kyocera handset, the first Java handset for the company.

Sun Adds Instant Messaging To New Java Release

Sun’s instant messaging will enable developers to communicate from within other applications.

How To Build a Matrix Calculator for Java-Enabled Mobile Phones

Because the RAM available for Java Midlets running on the J2ME mobile platform is typically of the order of only 500KB, developers need to take care selecting data structures allocating resources in order to optimize memory usage when building a Matrix Calculator application that allows users to perform operations such as Add, Subtract, Multiply and Transpose.
Control of Java Community Process Shifting From Sun to the JCP Participants, Says META Report

According to a new report, 90 percent of members and nearly 60 percent of non-members have reported their satisfaction with the Java Community Process (JCP) program. Thanks to the new program, version 2.6. launched March 2004, the community is experiencing a major culture shift in terms of openness and efficiency.
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Anil’s multimedia collection of thoughts, ideas and comments on technology, vlogging and MobuzzTV.

Swedish Fans

Swedish Fan Originally uploaded by Anil de Mello.60000 Swedish fans… What an…
Infoworld – “Doh!”

Via Digg I found this article in Infoworld entitled What users hate most about web sites. I am sure that it is not the authors fault, however it very amusing to see that.. The top five Web site quirks that…
The buzz in SF @ vloggercon 2006

buzz in SF Originally uploaded by vlogalicious. Cool.. the buzz is getting…

Vlogging the World Cup

Weallspeakfootball Originally uploaded by Anil de Mello. I’m off to Berlin to vlog for a neat project called We All Speak Football, which is a collective blog/vlog produced by Knallgrau and sponsored by Coca-Cola . I’ll be up there with…

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The definitive resource for developers seeking to create, test, certify, and market Java mobility applications.
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SOA Without SOAP: The Java ME Perspective

– In Part 3 of his SOA series Eric Giguere explores how to do SOA when the target device does not support Web Services (JSR 172). Dig in to learn what your options are.

The Java ME GUI APIs at a Glance

– So you think you know the Java ME graphic APIs? Bruce Hopkins’ catalogues the current APIs, complete with examples, drawn from 13 JSR’s. Read now adnd bookmark for future reference.

Create a MIDP Application Using Drag ‘n’ Drop

Interested in creating J2ME MIDP applications faster and more easily? Find out how the powerful new Visual Editor in the upcoming NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.1 IDE speeds your development time with drag and drop functionality. Read the transcript of this chat with the engineers who designed and implemented this feature for an inside look at its capabilities.

Implementing a Local Cache to Manage Resources

smaller applications mean faster installs, caching enables the updating of resources after installation – two wins for the consumer. Read Enrique Ortiz’s latest on improving the application experience.

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Nokia buys mobile advertising company

Nokia plans to buy Enpocket to boost its mobile advertising business.

T-Mobile buys wireless operator SunCom in $2.4B deal

T-Mobile plans to acquire SunCom, which operates wireless networks in the southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean, for $2.4 billion in a deal expected to close early in 2008.

IPhone is only tip of mobile Internet device onslaught

A research firm predicts an explosion of stylized, customized multifunction devices catering to different markets, such as Generation Y social networkers who want to stay connected via video, text and voice.

When will mobile workers truly be connected?

Addressing the concerns of frustrated mobile workers who find gaps in service when connecting to Wi-Fi and cellular data networks, research firm Forrester found three conditions that need to fall into place before mobile access will be pervasive.