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Pretty Pursuasion

Of feature articles, Swing, and the rest of Java… also: Feature Article: Adding Auto-Completion Support to Swing Comboboxe Java Today: Java EE 6 JSR approved (with controversy), Ray Gans on OpenJDK Community, and FindBugs plug-in for NetBeans Weblogs: Desktop advocacy, RESTful web services using NetBeans, and Project Tango at .NET plug-fest Forum Posts: Linux Java plug-in, catching OutOfMemoryException, and call for feedback on GlassFish help

No Way Out

Where is Rich Internet Application development going? Also: Weblogs: RIA philosophy pathologies, disassembling serialized Java object, and Swing App Framework lifecycle events Featured Podcast: OpenJDK Quality Team Introduction and Discussion Java Today: Java3D to go GPL, JPA for desktop apps, and can iTunes/Bonjour accomplish what Jini couldn’t? Forums: Breaking on event-dispatch runtime exceptions in NetBeans, multiple DB’s for Spring, and jMaki call for feedback

Phone Number

ME on the mind lately… also: Java Today: ME developer contests, ME podcast #8, and OpenJDK community “big bang” Spotlight: Java Mobility Podcast Weblogs: Stateful web services, jMaki extensions, and Grizzly 1.5.1 Forum Posts: JAI vs. ImageIO, SwingWorker use, and Hideya’s future and LG3D

In A Different Light

Tuning in to these developer videos? Also: java.net Poll: How often do you watch online developer interview videos? Weblogs: Mac OS X delay and Java SE 6, Sun acquires SavaJe IP, and Neal Gafter speaks to Cay Horstman’s students Java Today: Project Mango, Jini and OSGi, and what do you replace Thread.stop() with? Forum Postings: Migrating test suites, keeping Painters simple, and “search in help” feature

Zend crafts application server PHP implant

Zend Technologies is turning to application server vendors in the next phase of its work fine-tuning PHP for enterprise development. Self-appointed PHP steward Zend has had talks with unnamed middleware partners with a view to improving the performance

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Chinchilla Scaffold for Java Server Side Testing

Now you can solve the problem of full content rebuilding and redeployment between the server and client for every minor modification with IBM Server Side Testing Scaffold for Java. It makes Java server side testing more agile by decoupling test logic and test contents using a generalized, dynamic proxy generation strategy.

FoCuS Methodology

Functional coverage refers to testing performance and functionality of e-business applications. Learn about the FoCuS tool, which implements the functional coverage methodology and improves testing of applications by providing detailed coverage information on the areas in which testing is lacking. FoCuS also provides extensive views for code coverage, generated by ConTest other tools if appropriately customized.

Expose and Eliminate Bugs with ConTest

Concurrent Testing (ConTest) is a tool for testing, debugging, and coverage-measuring of concurrent programs. Its main use is to expose and eliminate concurrency-related bugs in parallel and distributed Java programs with. Because bugs are found earlier in the testing process, ConTest dramatically improves the quality of testing and reduces development expense.

Web Server Plug-in Analyzer for WebSphere

Discover improper or ill-advised WebSphere Application Server plug-in configurations and corresponding HTTP request/response failures with IBM Web Server Plug-in Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server. The tool parses both plug-in configuration and corresponding trace files and then applies pattern recognition algorithms in order to alert users of possible inconsistencies.

Artima Developer Spotlight

Highlights of the content flowing through Artima Developer.

Are BPM Tools Useful to Developers? New

A great deal of research and product development effort has been invested in business process modeling (BPM) tools by software vendors over the past decade. But are BPM tools really useful to developers?

Groovy, JRuby, or Scala: Which JVM Language to Learn Next?

As developers desire to benefit from the conciseness and features of the multitude of languages that target the JVM, the question of which of those languages to master next comes up from time to time. Frederic Daoud points out the plusses and minuses of Groovy, JRuby, and Scala, showing a small illustrative program in each.

Bill Burke Comments on JAX-RS (JSR 311)

The Java API for RESTful Web Services, or JAX-RS, is currently in its early stages in the JCP. In this brief review, RedHat’s Bill Burke comments on the current state of the spec.

JavaRebel Brings Class Reloading to Java

JavaRebel reloads changes to Java classes on-the-fly without redeploy or restart, including new methods and fields. It is a generic solution that works for standalone Java applications as well as in application servers.

JavaBlackBelt : News

Java Certification and Exams Community

Methodology exams !?

I would not dear to pretend that we are finished up creating technology exams that pertains to Java developers. There are so many Java related technologies, that we could triple our list ??? but we???ve filled much of the gap. Now that work is done, I see a demand for higher level exams: architecture methodology But I???ve to admit that I just don???t see how to do that on JavaBlackBelt now. Architecture What would you ask about architecture? You???d probably have to torture me before making a JavaBlackBelt exam advocating the use of J2EE/EJB (v2). Would you ask to enumerate…

JUnit 4 exam released

Julio Cesar Damasceno from Brazil and Jeanne Boyarsky from the United States released JUnit 4 exam. The new exam focuses on changes between JUnit 3.8 and 4.X. View JUnit 4 exam objectives.

JavaBlackBelt Confluence Plugin

Hilbert Schraal, a green belt from The Netherlands, has written a JavaBlackBelt plugin for Confluence. Today, I released a plugin for Confluence that shows the status of one or more users of JavaBlackBelt. Confluence is an enterprise WIKI that is highly extensible by using plugins. To get an idea of how these plugins are built, I made one myself. I happened to be playing around with JavaBlackBelt, so I decided to use that as an example. The goal was to have my JavaBlackBelt status (in the form of an image of a (karate/judo) belt) displayed dynamically in Confluence. After some b…

JAOO definition of “good”.

I’ve hit JAOO in Denmark, last week. We???ve run the JavaBlackBelt Challenge. Participants sit down, click, and get 5 random questions that they answer as fast as possible. In fact, this challenge runs alone now… as more and more people know it. This gave me more time for attending the sessions, and I???ve been quite happy with what I heard. JAOO is one of my favorite conferences because it does not focus on technology only. It focuses on developers, on people, on teams. One of the main messages I???ve heard from big guys like Martin Fowler, Erik Meijer (Microsoft 🙂 and Robert Mart…