Java-Connected Blogs Worth Following

The story of Java began in the 1990s when Sun Microsystems created a language able to solve any task from development of software for simple devices to large systems. Java is everywhere and we meet devices with Java software everyday – simply remember when you used Android app last time – by the way, Java is one of the most popular languages for app development.Java-Connected Blogs

When you decide to learn Java, following informative blogs of knowledgeable Java developers may come in handy. Take an advantage of hands-on knowledge and expertise of the specialists and authors of many books about Java. Here is a list of blogs of the most authoritative and experienced Java developers.

Must-Read Java Blogs

  • Kathy Sierra. One of the authors of the book named Head First Java. Worked as a master trainer at the Java’s cradle – Sun Microsystems.
  • Doug Cutting. Here you will be able to ask questions about Lucene, Nutch, and Hadoop to their creator.
  • Joshua Bloch. Author of several books dedicated to Java – Effective Java, Java Concurrency In Practice and others. Known as a distinguished Java developer at Google and Sun Microsystems.
  • Juergen Hoeller – one of the leading experts of the Spring Framework.
  • Cay Horstmann – author of Java books and Computer Science professor at San Jose State University.
  • Peter Lawrey – expert of the OpenHFT project.
  • Doug Lea participated in writing of several Java books and now lectures in SUNY-Oswego.
  • Jeff Dinkins can answer any question concerning Swing GUI Toolkit as he works with it since the very beginning of it.
  • Brian Goetz works at Oracle, he is a Steward of the Java 8 language features.
  • James Gosling – Java legend, one of the creators of the language and now creates software for Liquid Robotics.
  • James Strachan – author of Groovy language, member of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Martin Thompson specializes in achievement of high performance and low latency in computing.
  • Markus “Notch” Persson – author of Minecraft that gave a rise to new wave of interest to Java development.
  • Tor Norbye – Android specialist who worked at Oracle and Sun Microsystems, now works at Google.
  • Martin Odersky created Scala language and a book dedicated to Scala.