Mobile Applications That Secure Your Device

Many users admit that the subject of security for their mobile devices is far from straightforward. Fortunately, nowadays there are so many applications that can protect your gadget from any peril so you only have to choose the best one among dozens.

  1. Avast! Mobile Security. Primarily antivirus app, now this application has many different options of protection: it scans the activity of your device and creates a Web shield that protects the gadget from malicious content and websites. Also it proposes Anti-theft option that is hidden so when your phone is stolen you can locate it and wipe the SD card.
  2. ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus. The app detects malware and dodgy apps that send texts or make calls. You can secure all applications on your gadget with help of password protection – no one will be able to uninstall it. Anti-theft option is free and with its help it is possible to locate and lock the lost device.
  3. 360 Security. This app has incredible flawless detection rate of 99.9% – the app detects and blocks threats to your system. User-friendly and elegant design and great efficiency make this app one of the best in the field.
  4. If your gadget has Java plug-in, you can use Java app like File locker that hides your personal content in the secret folder secured by your password.
  5. Avira Antivirus Security. Among threats detection and anti-theft options this app has an additional tool that informs you whether your e-mail has been hacked.

Children’s Security on Social Media

mobile security appsA lot is said about the benefits of social media for children: kids can make new friends around the world and share photos and videos with friends. But parents believe that social media is a bane of today’s world, as it is full of online predators.

Luckily, there are many parental control applications that can protect children from cyberbullying, sexting and harassments.  With their help you can monitor your kids text messages, look through the emails and messages of the IM chats, track the location, lock the device and much more things. These apps run on Android or iOS, so no matter what device you use, your child will be protected.

These applications have no undue impact on speed or battery life, yet can save your frustration and even return your stolen phone. It is up to you what app to use, however, protection of the device is essential.