Oracle Cloud Platform Proposes New Capabilities for Java Development

Developers will duly appreciate more than 24 new cloud-based services proposed by Oracle Corp. These new services include content and collaboration services, storage and cloud services and analytics for data visualization. Among the current developments for Java developers it is necessary to highlight new support for related languages and frameworks.

Oracle founder and executive chairman Larry Ellison stated that java was not the only programming language in the world so the intention of the Oracle was to support all popular programming languages in the Oracle cloud.

Languages Supported by the Oracle Cloud

  • Application Builder Cloud Service
  • Mobile Cloud Service
  • Java SE, JRuby and Node Cloud Service

The last one offers a possibility to create an image of the app and push it into the virtual machine in the cloud using standard Docker tools. Also developers will be able to deploy Java 8 application and support any standard IDE.

Other Benefits of the Oracle Cloud

Developers can also run their Ruby applications there on the Java system, as well as any other languages that run on the Java M. The cloud also offers thousands of Node.js libraries so users of this open-source JavaScrupt project will be able to use it.

Mobile cloud service offers a set of tools, software development kit and app instrumentation for building Android and iOS apps. Here developers can benefit from enhanced security, authentication, authorization, and analytics.

Application Builder Cloud Service is based on JavaScript and REST and it has simple drag-and-drop UI that allows creating UIs that use JavaScript framework in the browser.

The cloud proposes all possibilities to extend the capabilities of the application and enhance its functionality, for example, you can build a partner portal or a custom set of screens that will be accessible to partners.