Useful Java Training Sources and Tools

Future coders, developers, mashup artists are polishing their coding skills and some of them are learning Java and JavaScript as Java nowadays is rightfully considered to be one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. There are many guidelines, white papers and other relevant resources are available online for free, so those who want to learn more may find them useful:

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James Gosling: on the Java Road

Fault Containment: an unsung hero

As I suffered through the nth application crash of the day, I couldn’t help thinking of my favorite underappreciated Java feature: fault containment. Between try{}catch and the tight memory model, failures tend to happen close to where the error is, and they can be caught with a very good chance that there has been no corruption of neighbouring data structures. So if you’re using some sort of editor and one of the commands has a bug in it, if it’s written in Java you usually get a little pop-up box that says something like “error in command”, and yo…

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The BileBlog

If you have nothing bad to say, say nothing

ApacheCon: Shale

Due to some freak accident, I find myself at the last day or two of ApacheCon. I’m actually here for JCP reasons, but I figured I might as well find a…

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