Top Tools for Searching of Problems in Performance of Java

In this article you will find some useful and workable tools that help to make sure that your Java software works properly.

java tools

  1. jconsole works together with JDK 1.5. It is Java application monitoring tool that checks Lava virtual machine and it can keep track of local and remote JVMs.
  2. VisualIVM is a tool that checks existing JDK software tools, CPU profiling capabilities and memory of the app. In fact, this tool can be used for monitoring of both production and development time use. Also VisualIVM helps to enhance the capability of the analysis of Java SE platform in terms of performance and monitoring.
  3. HeapAnalyzer helps to search for ava heap leaks with help of its own search engine and analyses the heap bump in Java apps. The principles of work of this tool are in creation of directional graphs, that are transformed in the directional trees that are thoroughly checked by heuristic search engine.
  4. PerfAnal analyzes the applications created on the Java 2 Platform on terms of performance. It is a GUI-based tool that can also identify the problems in the code and find the pieces of code that require enhancing.
  5. JAMon monitors production apps and it is highly appreciated by developers as it is free of charge, effective and tread safe.
  6. Eclipse Memory Analyzer is a Java heap analyzer that is perfect in searching for memory leaks and reducing memory consumption.
  7. GCViewer is a tool that helps to visualize data, search for garbage performance metrics.

Those who works with HP-UX platform may find these tools helpful:

  1. HPimeter helps to identify and diagnose the problems of performance of Java apps. Also it monitors the profiling data and catches it with zero preparation. The tool provides a console on HP-UX, Windows and Linux systems and improves garbage collection performance.
  2. HPiconfig helps to match the characteristics of the app with kernel parameters of the HP-UX system.
  3. Java Out-of-the-Box tool modifies kernel parameters and rebuilds the kernel providing the best behavior for Java.