Useful Java Training Sources and Tools

Future coders, developers, mashup artists are polishing their coding skills and some of them are learning Java and JavaScript as Java nowadays is rightfully considered to be one of the most popular programming languages worldwide. There are many guidelines, white papers and other relevant resources are available online for free, so those who want to learn more may find them useful:

The List of Java Training Sources

Java 8 Features. Once the release of Java 8 caused a stir as well as Java 5 in the fullness of time in 2004. Java 8 presented wide variety of new features to the Java, like language, its compiler, libraries, tools and the JVM itself.

Building Web Apps with Node.js. Node.js, a perfect tool for creating apps, requires deep knowledge of installation, configuration and running the server and this book will give you all essential information about it. Also you will learn how to build a sample app from the very beginning and practice in Node.js command line programming.

Up and Running with Java Applications. This free course will teach you how to publish applets in a web browser, create apps for Android devices and work with XML data.

Java Essential Training. In this course you will find essential information concerning installation of both Java and the Eclipse IDE. Here all useful info is collected: from the basics of Java to the most complicated things like working with strings or subclasses. You will also learn how to implement object oriented programming concepts and apply the knowledge to the practice files.

Bulletproof Java Code. This strategy deals with team-working on development of functional and reliable Java code. Here you will learn how to test the code properly and how to implement it on practice. With help of this strategy you will be able to make sure that the code is free of functionality errors and all security and performance problems are alleviated.