What Experts Say about Java Web Development Framework

It is really hard to select among the wide range of Java web development frameworks as each and every platform has pros and cons as well as the targets and specified usage. Here are some of the best development programs and experts’ opinions about them:

Java Web Development Framework

  1. Struts 2

It is a well-thought-out and complicated platform that requires profound knowledge of the programming language and development of apps. With help of this platform it is possible to create an app from A to Z, it is interactive and flexible. Together with multiple plugins this framework will be ideal tool for team of developers who want to work with open source tools.

  1. JSF

The main function of this framework is creation of server-side UIs and here all tools are aimed to streamline the process of development of the apps. JSF works with different technologies and tools to manage different parts of the interface with maximum efficiency. 2.0 version involves clients’ side in the successful work of the interface together with server’s side.

As for the benefits of this framework, it meets the Java EE standard, proposes quick and easy way to create an interface and proposes many component libraries. Still, developers may face issues with implementation of the created UI and will have to search for the replacement of REST or Security well

  1. Google Web Toolkit

This framework gives a possibility to develop and support JavaScript apps as well as create AJAX apps. Web Toolkit is aimed for creation of apps that support cross-browser portability, enable history management and bookmarking.

However, testing and sharing of freshly created apps will be quite disquieting.

  1. Spring MVC

It is a multi-purpose framework that is perfect for web app creation. Developers don’t have to use specific interfaces or classes as any object can be used as one of them.

  1. Stripes

This framework is the most efficient for management of large forms and implementation of them directly to the objects. This framework is advantageous as it helps to solve widespread Java problems with localization or indexed properties.